Firstly, a very warm welcome to Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is a complement to the golf course and was born out of a natural ecological canvas and the passion of the owner, Gary Lane.

You are within 180 hectares of native flora and fauna amongst which is nestled one of New Zealand’s finest golf courses.

Whilst researching ways to enhance the natural habitats of our wildlife we concluded that a fence that excluded all pests and predators was the only effective way to achieve our objective. Hence a 5.5km boundary fence was erected which is 2 metres high, protecting the property from both climbing and burrowing animals. Our Game Keeper monitors the integrity of the fence as well as new and existing dwellers to the sanctuary and he can be seen most days scouring the boundaries for signs of any break ins.

Navigate your way through 18 testing holes of exceptional beauty and listen to the cacophony of birdlife, the meandering streams, the delightful waterfalls …

The golf course was built by the New Zealand government and is set midway between Auckland and Wellington, in the heart of the spectacular scenery of the Lake Taupo region.

Officially opened in 1970, the course lies on 180 hectares of natural rolling countryside and was developed to meet the rigorous design standards required for world class championship competition. The architecture was assigned to Commander John Harris, England’s leading and most travelled golf course architect, whose family had been involved in the construction of Moor Park, Wentworth and Sunningdale. Combined with Michael Wolveridge - an Englishman, and Australian Peter Thomson - 5 times winner of the British Open, they produced New Zealand’s first internationally recognised golf course and there is little doubt in any New Zealanders mind that this trio exceeded all expectations.

Worldwide acclaim has been given to the sprawling golf course that uses natural contours to the fullest and features 6460 metres from the championship tees, and 108 large well placed bunkers. In 2010, Wairakei was voted New Zealand’s #1 golf course by Golf Update readers and also in a survey of golf industry leaders. It is the natural beauty and sheer experience of the property that makes Wairakei a must for both serious and casual golfers.