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Wairakei Greens Announcement (26th February 2020)

Celebrations continue for Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary, having turned 50 years on Friday 21st February, exciting news of the opening of the refurbished greens has been confirmed.  The new Pure Distinction bentgrass greens, thanks largely to the superb efforts of Sinclair and his green keeping staff, will be open for play from Saturday 14th March.  Wairakei's new greens will offer an exceptional putting surface all year round and lift Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary back to one of New Zealand's iconic golfing properties.

Any bookings in place from Saturday 14th March will be on the new greens.  Green fee prices revert back to the regular rates, please click here.

Photos will be posted to Facebook and Instagram in the next few days.

Visit Our Pro Shop

At Wairakei we have a fully stocked Pro Shop with leading brands like Callaway, Taylormade, Adidas, Footjoy, Oakley, and more. An excellent selection of mens and ladies Wairakei branded clothing, caps and visors. A variety of shoes, golf balls, putters, bags and accessories are also on offer. Everything a golfer needs.

We sell gift vouchers that can be purchased for specific items, such as an 18 hole green fee, Wairakei cap or a half hour golf lesson. If you can't decide on an item, vouchers can also be purchased for any nominated dollar value for the recipient to choose their gift. Vouchers are valid for one year from date of purchase and we can post them to the buyer or recipient. Please give us a call, send an email or drop in to see us.

The Wairakei Experience

It's all about the experience, and when you arrive at Wairakei it is our aim to make your golfing experience a memorable one.


View the Course

Adorning Waters

Hole 1, Par 5, 490m

The first and shortest of Wairakei's par 5's. A straightforward hole provided you avoid the 11 bunkers scattered up the fairway and around the green. Use the course guide to lay up short of the fairway bunkers close to the green or carry them if you dare. A two-tier green places importance of distance control for your approach shot.


Hole 2, Par 3, 215m

The first of Wairakei's four very special (spectacular) par 3's. An intimidating tee shot from the blue tees of some 215m across a gully to a large moderately bunkered green. Check the flag location from the front tees, as the length of the green is deceiving. In all cases avoid the deep greenside bunker to the left.

Karapiti - Broken Old Man

Hole 3, Par 5, 506m

A par 5 which gets more demanding the closer you get to the green. A tee shot down the right hand side will generally kick back into the fairway.

Old Oak

Hole 4, Par 4, 340m

A short par 4 that requires two well-played shots. The tee is demanding, avoiding the large pine tree to the left is crucial. Driver is not always the club of choice as the two fairway bunkers to the right are reachable, either lay up short or shape the ball right to left.

Te Huringa - Turning Point

Hole 5, Par 3, 165m

A demanding par 3 from all tees choice of club is crucial to this very shallow green. If in doubt with club selection take an extra one. Check wind direction by looking at the tree tops and flag as the tee can be deceptively calm. The problems don't stop there the green slopes from back to front making a long two putt tricky.

Rawhiti - Sunrise

Hole 6, Par 4, 434m

Yes the hole is as impressive as the view from the tee. The tee shot needs to be well struck with length more important than direction on this reasonably wide fairway. Your course guide and pin placement sheet will be of assistance to this elevated green. You will be well advised to avoid the deep bunker cut into the front of the green.

Huka - Foaming Waters

Hole 7, Par 4, 336m

A good tee shot sets up this hole well. A drive close to the right hand side of the first fairway bunker is ideal. Shape the tee shot left to right if you wish, avoid going left at all costs. Providing you've found the fairway you're left with a straight forward shot to a large flat green.ach shot.

Farmer's Folly

Hole 8, Par 4, 350m

Arguably one of the most demanding holes on the course. Finding the fairway is essential for a good score on this hole. You can bite off as much as you dare down the right hand side although the risk does not always match the reward, any shot from the upper area of fairway leaves a short iron to the green.

Kirikiri Maha

Hole 9, Par 4, 394m

A long par 4 well protected down the right with 6 fairway bunkers. A well-struck tee shot shaped right to left down the fairway leaves you in good position for your second.

Water & Kowhai Tree

Hole 10, Par 3, 176m

The green is set into the side of a hill, getting wider further up the green. The hole generally plays longer than it looks as anything short will feed into one of three deep bunkers guarding the front of the green.

Ruapehu - Two Explosions

Hole 11, Par 4, 333m

The hole is broken into 2 segments by a small creek running across the fairway short of the green. A shot played to the same side of the fairway as the pin is on often leaves an easier second shot. A demanding shot is asked of the player here. The green is kidney shaped and very narrow in the middle.

Tongariro - Taken South

Hole 12, Par 4, 296m

The second of 2 short par 4's in succession. Again requiring an accurate second shot. Not a lot to be gained with the tee shot, so long as it is not in the pond to the right of one of the 4 fairway traps you are in good position. Like the 11th green distance control is essential 2 bunkers cut into the hill protect the elevated green.

Mania Te Tonga - The South Plain

Hole 13, Par 4, 400m

The 13th plays as one of the longest par 4's on the course. The fairway is generously wide however a tee shot down the right side provides the only direct line to the green. A difficult approach shot, the green is protected by a large pine tree short and left often requiring a shot to be played with right to left shape.

The Rogue

Hole 14, Par 5, 549m

A well named hole and for a long time the longest hole in the country. The tee shot played down a narrow chute needs to be long and straight. Beware of the fairway bunkers left and right.

Puke Wiwi - Tussock Mound

Hole 15, Par 3, 192m

A dramatically different hole from all 3-tee locations and the last of the testing par 3's. Like most of the holes at Wairakei club selection is important, the green is large but the penalty for coming up short is heavy.

Tauhara - Lone Sentry

Hole 16, Par 4, 374m

A straight forward hole although you cannot see the landing area for your tee shot, a shot down the right-hand side will generally feed back onto the fairway, however a shot pulled left leaves you struggling to find the green for 2.

Kaapo - Blind Hit or Shot

Hole 17, Par 4, 393m

One of the most demanding tee shots from the blue tees, requiring a long well positioned ball. As the name suggests the tee shot is blind generally the right side of the fairway is preferred as it opens up the green.

Paenga Tui - Preaching Place of the Tui

Hole 18, Par 5, 518m

The final hole again has a well-protected fairway with 3 bunkers waiting to catch a wayward drive. The length of the tee shot will determine the strategy for the rest of the hole.